Sunday, 17 April 2011

Adding to my PLN

I have just added some important links to my Personal Learning Network mind map,having just done some more assignment reading I realised these connections are ones I have contact with on a regular basis ,often daily .They are part my network where I gather information so I can continue to keep up with all that is going on in my community.

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Team Choice 'Learn Central'

How is this community relevant to my learning?
·        Resources: online learning sessions with others across the world and locally
·        Collaboration
·        Connection with colleagues , due to distance between my network of 15 Neighbourhood Houses in far East Gippsland ,we use Elluminate to conduct real time meetings
·        Meetings with ACFE Regional Office normally prohibits my attendance as one way is 3hours.I can contribute, listen in ,be there and mostly in the comfort of my home, no work  interruptions
·        Web cam function
·        Recorded sessions ,I can catch-up re-listen at my leisure
·        Can save and use links posted in the chat section, and save white board
·        Own Vroom allows the freedom to assist others by way of application sharing and web  tours, solves a problem instantly .
·        Its FREE
What were my first impressions?
·        Easy to use
·        Fascinating endless possibilities
·        Bad points yes there is one for me. Remote areas have connection problems
Would I recommend this community to others and why?
Yes I would and have done so with my network, for all the reasons above

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Joining a community

I first joined the Gippsland Spruz  in September 2010.
I found this to be a very useful site and it connected me with others in East Gippsland, some I already new from other Neighbourhood Houses in the area.
As I was very new to e-learning and all there is out there on offer I found this site not too formal and the membership more personal as the members list was smaller.
There is lots of resources to suit a first timer like myself and content relevant to my workplace.
From this group I soon found my way to The Australia series and Learn Central.
Lots of knowledge and a good cross section of educators willing to support me and share all they have learned.

 We can always change our journey


Many new e-learning experiences have been passing my way since my last post,as usual I seem to be time poor.Reflection has been the key word of my recent tasks.
Putting together a view for displaying my Personnel Learning Network,using a new e-tool and a new skill.  
I found I could apply the same visual display for my Community of Practice assignment,the content of these 2 tasks I found I could do with ease,it is something I know.

Both my Personal Learning Network and my Community of Practice network offer support and essential learning in much the same way, they are relevant to my workplace and like minded colleagues.
 So often in my job we work in isolation, in small rural communities you need others to bounce your ideas off and share them as well.   
I intend to maintain these networks with regular visits to sites and inform  other colleagues, invite them to come along the e-journey.

This got me thinking (reflecting) about how it feels to be a learner and how easy it is to take those skills learned for granted. How out of my depth I have felt when I couldn't work it out,and frustrated that I was unable to move on from that task.
So for the past week I have been thinking of the learners in my workplace,they come to gain new skills. So its important they don't experience too much of  that overwhelmed feeling,its easy to assume they are ok.... when my tutors or I  have the skills..
I was pleased our group task this week was something I knew about as I belong to a couple of Community of Practice groups .