Saturday, 26 March 2011

Keeping on track is not easy

With all good intentions this week ,I have only made some headway.
Even though I was sure I had read all the books for the online resources to move forward, I had to go over them again.
I guess I get so busy at work with other ideas going around in my head some days its hard to find that extra focus,especially when its something totally new.

Mind interesting concept.Once I got sorted and made a start I completed one for my PLN or Personnel Learning Network and also used the same process for my Mahara folder plan.
It is a easy visual tool and I think will have lots of other uses if I need to show a visual structure for my Committee of Management or a set of instructions.

After I listened to all the interviews about elearning skills sets I am now certain my learning goal is correct.
For others to learn in this area we need to be right at the forefront of the emerging technology.

There are several online Elluminate sessions I try to participate in each week.
The Australia Series ,Community Connect and et@lking.
This weeks impressive tool for me was 'Animoto'.
Reflecting back over what I have just written I have achieved something after all.

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